AI-powered Safety Management for Industrial Workplaces

Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to ensure 100% adherence to safety compliances and embrace a risk-free workplace

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Triggering a Paradigm Shift in Industrial Safety Culture

Reinforced Decision Making

T-Pulse empowers HSE teams and helps them make data-driven decisions by providing in-depth observations and smart recommendations for faster resolution times.

Enhanced Resource Utilization

Take a quantified approach to safety with detailed operational and performance insights. Integrate disparate operational data and increase information retention and utilization.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously measure and benchmark your safety performance against global competition to encourage sustainable behavioral change and cultivate a more robust safety culture.

Value Proposition Of Workplace Safety

T-Pulse creates a self-sustaining and growing safety ecosystem at your workplace for the management of risks. Its comprehensive AI models continuously process data from multiple edge sources like cameras, sensors, robots, drones, etc. to report the status of workplace safety in real-time, enabling faster and more sure-footed decision-making. 

Unlock the next level of operational visibility and coordination with the help of T-Pulse. Receive zone and sector-wise recommendations from your facility’s digital twin accessible across the chain of command. Ensure efficient work processes and manage industry-wide projects better.  

Reduce the time spent on preparing reports by up to 97% with state-of-the-art automation. Set up your own digital safety watch within a few easy steps and access actionable insights from anywhere in the world via a unified and protected cloud. 

Unleash the most accurate and comprehensive deep learning model set to highlight areas of interest and predict incidents based on pre-trained observation sets.  

Boost Workplace Safety, Enhance Event Traceability, and Make Smart Decisions with T-Pulse

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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