Monitor LT Power Distribution with Ease and Accuracy

Manage Electrical Assets, Identify and Pinpoint faults, Predict Outages, and Ensure a Seamless Supply of Electrical Power to Your Clients with Voltor

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Build a Robust Power Distribution Network
and Ensure Seamless Electric Supply


The world’s first and only sensor that can monitor both high- and low-tension power distribution leveraging state-of-the-art IoT and cloud technology.


Locate faults, monitor power distribution equipment, and receive intelligent inputs on service improvement without the need for manual inspection rounds.


Robust sensor design specifically implemented to allow operability in harsh environmental conditions like flooding, earthquakes, storms, etc.

Value Proposition Of Voltor

Voltor continuously monitors the instantaneous status of critical points such as LT distribution transformers, LT network pillars, and junction boxes and reports the same back to management. Any anomaly or indication of compromise is immediately isolated and notified. 

Monitor, predict, and prevent disruptive phenomena such as overloading, faults, overheating, shorting, voltage jumps, sparking, blowouts, and meltdowns. 

Harness the power of cloud-based assetless processing. Finally a product that grows, diminishes and adapts in accordance with your requirements.

Monitor your LT Network for voltage, current, and power in real-time

Voltor is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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