Confined Space Safety Automation

Enhance Profitability across your Shutdown, Turnaround, and Regular Maintenance Operations with Faster, Safer, and More Efficient Confined Space Operations. 

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Imparting Enhanced Speed, Control, and Efficiency to Confined Space Operations

Access Control

Control the access to confined spaces with the Automatic Access Authentication System and ensure entry is granted only to skilled and equipped personnel.

Condition Monitoring

Monitor the environmental conditions inside the confined space as well as the body condition of personnel working inside to ensure holistic safety of operation.

Live Activity Tracking

Track operational progress and monitor confined space activities via live feed and guide the workforce to perfection in real-time.

T-Pulse Capabilities

T-Pulse allows you to keep a close tab on all the parameters necessary to facilitate the smooth progress of confined space operations. Detect variations in temperature, pressure, humidity, and presence of gases/vapors/toxins to ensure comprehensive operational safety.

Ensure Compliance with stringent operational safety guidelines with the help of intelligent actionable recommendations delivered via a centralized dashboard. Effortlessly switch between broad and unit-level views to evaluate area-wise risk conditions.

Embrace the smarter approach to Shutdown and Turnaround Operations with T-Pulse’s smart planning tool. Plan and measure the total man-hours spent inside a confined space and unlock trends that help keep your project always on track. 

Guide Faster, More Reliable, and Completely Risk-Free Confined Space Operations with T-Pulse

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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