Enhancing Safety and Productivity of Container Handling Operations

Guarantee 360-degree protection for Your Container Terminal Operations across 170+ Compliance Categories and Speed Up the Loading/Unloading Processes with T-Pulse

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Unlock the Future of Port Technology Automation

Boosting Safety

Go a step beyond traditional safety measures and holistically secure your personnel, cargo, and port terminal assets with T-Pulse’s intelligent port safety module.

Augmenting Operational Productivity

Keep track of operational progress, inventory, and schedule, and never miss deadlines again. Increase cargo throughput and overall viability of the process.

Planning Evolution

Time to chart your journey to Port 4.0 with data-backed insights that help seamlessly plan short- and long-term procedural improvements.

Value Proposition Of T-Pulse for Ports

T-Pulse for Ports has been designed to impart overreaching safety to your container hauling operations. Embrace the latest AI technology to parameterize terminal vehicles, assets, and personnel and get warned of potential collisions. 

Speed up your container loading/unloading operations in addition to safeguarding them with T-Pulse’s revolutionary vision-based 3D positioning system. Help trucks/ITVs and forklift drivers work faster with a guided alignment system that helps save shuffling time.  

Access all your terminal operations-related safety and productivity details via our cloud-deployed AI dashboard. Ensure strategic coherence with enhanced coordination across stakeholders and management hierarchy. 

Embrace Smart Vision-Based Technology and Enjoy Seamless Operational Safety and Productivity for Ports

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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