Making Shutdowns Safer, Faster, and More Productive

Unify the Disparate Aspects of Your Special Refinery Operations with AI Technology and Never Experience Process Delays or Derailments Again

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Charting the Route to Safer, More Sustainable Shutdowns


Adopt an AI solution powered by the largest industrial data set that learns, grows, and helps your enterprise evolve to the next level of shutdown sustainability.


Save up to 80% of the time currently consumed in manual data acquisition/processing/decision making with automation and invest the same in bringing strategic improvements in projects.


Make your entire facility come to life with intuitive visualizations, data-backed insights, inventory workarounds, schedule control, and guided asset and workforce management.

Value Proposition Of T-Pulse For Oil & Gas

Integrate with your existing cameras, UAVs, and sensors to create an automatic compliance monitoring system during shutdown operations. Get informed about workers engaging in unsafe acts and remediate accordingly with recommended measures.

Time to ensure holistic safety of people, assets, and operations with T-Pulse’s smart inspections module. Take advantage of T-Pulse’s monitoring ecosystem to continuously inspect your sophisticated refinery assets for faults, anomalies, and indications of compromise. 

Keep a real-time track of progress, manpower allocation, and inventory status, and never experience procedural delays, derailments, overcrowding risks, or resource shortfalls ever again. Embrace a tool that helps the leadership gain maximum on-ground visibility. 

Completely Automated and Unified Platform for Faster and Smarter Management of Shutdown Projects

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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