AI Assured Protection for Pipeline Infrastructure

Predictively Detect and Remediate Instances of Pipeline Integrity Compromise like Leakages, Breaches, or Corrosion across the pipeline network with Ultrasonic Monitoring Technology

Overview →


The Smart Digital Twin of Your Pipeline Network


Detect issues invisible to manual inspection methods such as micro crevices, seepages, or corrosive formations without stopping operations.


Cloud-hosted data processing and multi-system parallel architecture to ensure seamless implementational scalability during deployments.

Plug and Play

Sensors designed to fit pipelines of multiple standard radii and AI readily integrable with your existing pipeline consistency measuring infrastructure.

Value Proposition Of GUMPS

Researched and developed for more than 8 years GUMPS is the perfect blend of futuristic technology and real-world problem-solving. Embrace a flexible and resilient solution to pipeline maintenance operations.

Reduce industrial downtime with real-time pipeline integrity monitoring and compromise reporting. Continuously gather, log, and analyze your historical data with state-of-the-art algorithms, to identify potential upcoming risks and eliminate them preemptively. 

Visualize your entire pipeline network with the help of a digital twin. Move a step beyond numbers and graphs and watch the defects and corroded surfaces develop over time and in the future with the help of our intuitive 3D models. 

Embrace Better Pipeline Availability with the Next Level of Predictive Maintenance Powered by GUMPS

GUMPS is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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