Who we are

Architects of Intelligent Technology Transforming the World of Industrial Safety, Productivity and Operational Excellence

Why do we stand out

Our Innovation

Detect Technologies is driven by an unwavering commitment to revolutionize industrial safety, productivity, and sustainability.

Our Products

Pioneers of award-winning AI products, powered by advanced data analytics and technology.

Our People

Our collaborative and inclusive culture inspires ingenuity catalyzing the research and development of par-excellence ambitious solutions.

Our Impact

Our operational insights have been instrumental in assisting clients predictively maintain assets, mitigate risks, maximize productivity, and minimize industrial downtime.

Trusted Everywhere (Our Reach)

Pioneering Intelligence to drive Excellence. Operational in 8 countries across 100+ sites, Detect Technologies is a name trusted and endorsed by major Fortune 500 giants. Through our sheer dedication to developing intelligent technologies for the greater good, we have transformed industrial workplaces into realms of uncompromised safety. Our flagship product, T-Pulse offers real-time intelligence empowering efficient, productive, and risk-free environments.

  • A trusted partner to Fortune 500 energy giants.
  • Detect Technologies | Redefining Industrial Safety and Productivity with AI technology. 
  • T-Pulse: Converting Complex Data from Across Silos to Actionable Insights. 
  • Embrace an AI platform that merges technology with practical industrial applications.

Our Mission Statement

Elevate processes by embedding insights: our mission is to transform operations at enterprises by embedding intelligence for insightful automation, making decision-making more intuitive and effective.

Our Core Values

Delight Customers

Customer centricity is paramount in our approach to resolving clients' challenges.

Decide Objectively

We encourage our people to take ownership and enable objective decision-making without hesitation.

Deliver Results

Unwavering commitment to efficiency and adherence to timelines, consistently delivering valuable results to our clients.

Design to Scale

No matter the complexity, our ambition and aspiration to think big drives us to craft ambitious solutions.

Develop Self

Continuous evolution through excellence, learning from the best, and meticulous attention to detail define our growth story.

Diversity and Inclusion

Sincere disagreements are encouraged, but unity follows consensus and final decisions.

Trusted by Leading Global Enterprises

Office Locations

HQ-Chennai, India

Module 2A, 3rd floor, Block A, IIT-M Research Park, Phase – II, Kanagam Rd, Kanagam, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113.

HQ-Mumbai, India

10C106, WeWork, Tower 1, Seawoods Grand Central Sector 40, Near Seawoods Railway Station, 10th Floor, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706.


1 North Bridge Road, No. 11-10, High St. Centre, Singapore 179094

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