AI-Powered Pipeline Monitoring for Industries

Revolutionizing the Oil and Gas Midstream by bringing Critical Pipeline Safety, Security, and Integrity Insights to the Convenience of Your Office

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Monitor the Entire Pipeline Network from a Single Screen

Cover the Vast Network

Effortlessly monitor the status of your pipeline’s internal and external conditions from across the sprawling landscape including impossible-to-reach terrain.

Get Informed of Compromises

Receive notifications with time and location stamps for a faster zeroing in on the fault, compromise, sabotage, or any other threat.

Ensure Seamless Flow of Energy

Enable faster incident responses and in turn environmental safety thanks to data-backed actionable insights on optimal remediation and prevention.

Value Proposition Of Digital Pipeline Patrol

Observe, Scrutinize, and Manage your oil and gas midstream assets and operations with the help of data-backed actionable intelligence. 

T-Pulse features cutting-edge cloud technology that allows seamless deployment and scalability. Monitor any length of the pipeline and ensure better coordination between stakeholders. 

Algorithms trained with the industry’s largest dataset to include all global pipeline surveillance categories. Ensure 100% reporting despite the sprawling nature of pipelines and inhospitable terrain. 

Reduce Wastage, Prevent Environmental Damage, and Ensure a Smooth Flow of Energy with T-Pulse for Digital Pipeline Patrol

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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