Reduce all risks to frontline workforce and achieve benchmark compliance through high precision automation

Implement all benchmark practices, country standards, norms and de-risk your facility by leveraging high precision deep learning models across your organization 

Introducing T-Pulse

T-Pulse is an end-to-end automated platform built to comprehensively automate critical safe practices, measure real time compliance, provide strategic inputs to achieve benchmark metrics and proactively act to stop any accidents and unforeseen events. It is designed to seamlessly ingest data from variety of existing and new data sources such as visual devices, sensory data sources and existing data bases. 

Manage many use-cases with T-Pulse

Digital Workplace safety

Manage health, security, safety, and environmental performance. Ensure occupational safety with T-Pulse's HSSE management module

Digital Confined Space Monitoring

Ensure safe entry and exit access into high-risk areas. Automate industry-specific guidelines and ensure end-to-end access and health monitoring with T-Pulse

Privacy Anonymization

Strengthen the security of your premises, assets, and personnel with an AI-enabled industrial security solution configured as per your specifications

Designed for various applications

Comprehensive Models

Leverage one of the most comprehensive pre-trained model-set to achieve complete compliance on standards such as OSHA, IOGP-577, COHS and much more

Data Source Agnostic

Seamlessly integrate your existing data sources and maximize RoI on your infrastructures such as cameras, UAV programs, IoT sensors and others

Secure architecture

Designed and certified to SOC2, GDPR standards and accepted by global IT teams as one of the most secure architectures for data and privacy 

High Precision Accuracy

Benefit from high accuracy outputs. Accuracy of all models are benchmarked internally and externally

Actionable insights

Bring power of action to your fingertips. Prioritize events with risks, zones, units and much more

Fully remote

Strategize your organization people goals and visualize progress on a completely remote and unified platform

Gain end-to-end visibility and control of your people goals

T-Pulse is compliant with internationally accepted standards

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