Envisioning a Safe and Productive Maritime Ecosystem With AI

T-Pulse, the Industry’s choice for automating sustainability and profitability in fast-paced hazardous workplaces is now available for ports!

Our whitepaper on proactive port management has been purposed to serve as a digitalization guide for port operators and stakeholders. It talks about operational problems encountered on a day-to-day basis and discusses AI-based solutions.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Analysis of different elements of human performance that bottleneck port operations. 
  • Critical challenges to worker safety and operational sustainability at ports terminals 
  • Leading causes behind safety accidents, delays and congestions and the need for adopting a proactive approach to port management. 
  • Case for feasibility analysis of new-age technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Visual Analytics for proactive port management. 
  • Case for the adoption of AI technologies to help establish a zero-accident safety culture and to help increase throughput. 
  • T-Pulse AI and its port safety and efficiency solutions – major features, benefits and why you must sign up for it today.

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