Oil and Gas Unit Increases their Pipeline Lifespan with T-Pulse for Workplace Inspections

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Pipe life


Indications identified within a year


Critical indications identified within 2 months

To optimize the pipeline reliability process with technological intervention and reduce downtime.


Oil and Gas


Gujarat, India



  • Planning pipe inspection/maintenance without real-time corrosion data
  • Estimating the amount of insulation that needed to be unwrapped
  • Limited data and information to support reliability-centered maintenance.





  • Pipe life was increased with real-time corrosion metrics
  • Critical indications of corrosion identified within a year
  • Intelligent planning of maintenance activities with accurate information
  • Early detection of defects with Industrial AI

Asset integrity and reliability are extremely important to the proper day-to-day functioning of industrial workplaces featuring sophisticated equipment and comprehensive processes. However, assets require regular upkeep to function properly, and upkeep requires regular inspections. Despite the proliferation of advanced digital technology, many organizations still carry out manual inspections of their assets.  

Manual pipeline inspection and maintenance rounds are riddled with safety and cost bottlenecks owing to the sprawling nature of the network. 

The reliability manager at one of the largest Oil and Gas downstream facilities wanted to address this challenge and ensure the reliability of their pipeline network. They were looking for a system that could help monitor the pipeline network continuously and yield actionable maintenance information. 

Transforming Pipeline Integrity Monitoring 

Having spent 8 years researching and developing smart industrial solutions, we at Detect leveraged our expertise in engineering and innovation to conceive a smart IoT sensor for industrial pipelines. 

Our patented Pipeline Assistant, a module of T-Pulse for Workplace Inspections, sports revolutionary LRUT technology for seamless predictive asset management. T-Pulse Pipeline Assistant works on the principle of guided wave ultrasonics and is designed to monitor pipelines over a wide range of temperature and pressure variations. Long-range guided waves generated by our patented crystal have been designed and tested to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions. 

Improving pipeline reliability with T-Pulse Pipeline Assistant 

If preventing hazardous leaks and ensuring pipeline health and integrity is your goal, T-Pulse Pipeline Assistant is a one-of-a-kind intelligent IoT sensor that belongs in your collection. It enables the managers to manage the pipeline infrastructure in real-time and detect any signs of potential corrosion. 

In addition to that, the intelligent AI algorithms that power the Pipeline Assistant can also predict potential defects and their growth rates. Overall, the predictive maintenance system has been proven to have increased the overall life of a pipeline network by 2+ years. 

In the case of our downstream oil and gas unit, the availability of real-time information made it possible for the management to cut down on unnecessary maintenance activities. They were able to save considerable expenses associated with long-drawn preventive maintenance activities, as the Pipeline Assistant could pinpoint the exact locations that needed inspection. 

The maintenance teams identified 2 critical integrity compromises within the first 2 months and 8 such compromises in the entire year. T-Pulse for Workplace Inspections came in immediate handy and continues to have a lasting positive impact on the client’s pipeline infrastructure and their long-term inspection/maintenance strategies. 

Plan your pipeline maintenance activities intelligently

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