Stab Armor

Stab armor is specifically designed to protect your body against knives. Stab proof vests are not only made to protect you from injury or death, but also for visibility. They are equipped with a different type of inserts to make them longer and more visible. Some stab proof vests are commonly seen on television, while others you will never see at all.

Stab proof vests were designed with the purpose of offering a sense of protection to all the people who use these garments. They are even produced to help out those people who may be injured in a knife attack. Stab proof vests are available in different sizes, and they can be designed in different colors as well. The vest is generally made of high-density foam, which is made to help decrease the risk of a stab wound. The stab armor is usually covered by a hard nylon fabric to add additional comfort and safety. Stab proof vests are also equipped with features such as adjustable lumbar and padded inserts.

Stab proof vests are designed in a way that is really comfortable for the user. They are specially designed to provide a comfortable fit and suitable protection for the wearer. Stab proof vests can be quite expensive, but there are many benefits of owning one, including the fact that you can wear them anywhere, anytime, with no fear of being cut. As long as you know how to use one properly, you can feel safe wearing one.

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