T-Pulse™ for Workplace Operations Facilitates 10X Reduction in Instances of Non-Compliance

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Exposure time of on-field key personnel

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Social distancing compliance

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Productivity of project


Monitor activity progress remotely during a turnaround and enhance compliance to safety and COVID protocols. 






Madhya Pradesh, India 



  • Minimize exposure of personnel during COVID 
  • Organizing experts and resources from different geographies efficiently to eliminate workforce shortage 
  • Remove inefficiencies in the operations 






  • A real-time overview into activity progress tracking 
  • 10X reduction in violations 
  • 92% increase in social distancing compliance 
  • Exposure reduced by 80% during inspections 
  • Gain of 12% over the total planned hours 
  • Productivity improved by 8% 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been instrumental in pushing enterprises towards adopting new safety standards and protocols. Owing to the persistent threat of outbreak among workers, executing turnarounds and projects within planned times became a huge challenge. Being able to run operations smoothly, while being compliant with COVID-19 safety guidelines was the need of the hour. 

The project manager at a petrochemical site was facing similar troubles as the pandemic caught them in the middle of a major revamp. The project team was particularly concerned about a ‘vacuum column bed replacement project’ since it required specialist support and global collaboration. 


Bringing in Detect Technologies 

At Detect Technologies, we have spent countless hours understanding problems faced by the industries to build T-Pulse™ – an AI-powered, one-stop solution that enables a safe, compliant, and productive working environment.  

T-Pulse’s comprehensive models have been trained with extensive datasets in real working environments to comprehensively manage day-to-day as well as special workplace operations like shutdowns and turnarounds. We worked with the petrochemical client to understand their problems and processes better to configure T-Pulse™ accordingly. 


Streamlining the Project with T-Pulse™ Schedule Assistant 

It became imperative to build a collaborative ecosystem where the client, contractor, and other stakeholders could easily exchange information, break down tasks, monitor progress, and track their respective obligations. A seamless flow of information enabled by the T-Pulse™ AI dashboard improved work efficiency inside the vacuum column. 

The management could decide better with the help of live feed that kept them up to the minute on actual progress. Additionally, the T-Pulse™ Schedule Assistant compared actual and planned timelines to deliver actionable insights and recommendations. Each task was monitored to calculate critical data points like start time, end time, and hours gained or lost helping the management eliminate inefficiencies. 

T-Pulse™ also came in handy analyzing image and footage data with AI-driven algorithms to identify instances of noncompliance with respect to face mask usage and social distancing. These real-time observations allowed the site team to act decisively, retrain workers where needed, remediate hazardous situations, and improve overall site safety. Teams could take data-driven actions to improve security, compliance, and usage of resources. 

With T-Pulse™ for Workplace Operations, this petrochemical enterprise could monitor activity progress effortlessly and enhance COVID compliance. Eventually, the enterprise was able to save more than 6 hours on the planned project timeline, despite the pandemic, thanks to enhanced decision-making. 

Want to enhance project and turnaround compliances?

Get T-Pulse™ to monitor the pulse of your projects, turnarounds, and daily operations

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